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Interview with: nicoarletta art by: myrowx

In a candid interview with Louis Tomlinson fan Nico, we delve into their journey of becoming a dedicated fan during the pandemic and the unforgettable experiences they had during Louis’s “Faith In The Future world tour and Louis Tomlinson World Tour.

Nico admits to not seriously listening to One Direction or any of the boys’ solo work until the pandemic hit. It was during these challenging times that they found solace in Louis Tomlinson’s music. The turning point? Attending Louis’s live show in New York in 2022, which sparked a deep connection and a realization that Louis was the one for them. During FITF they attended 9 ⅓ shows (RIP to Red Rocks) for FITF, more than double the 4 they went to during LTWT. Each concert held its own significance, but one moment stole the spotlight.

Meeting new friends Jess and her daughter Zoey, orchestrating a meet-and-greet with Louis for Zoey, and experiencing the debut of “Common People” with their best friend were highlights that left lasting impressions.

“Finally getting to see my best friend after 1.5 years apart, taking them to their very first Louis show, and getting to hear the debut of Common People with them. This moment in particular was so special to me. I remember literally seconds before he started playing this, turning to my friends and telling them that I felt like I should be crying but I had simply exhausted all emotions in my body and then immediately broke down sobbing upon hearing the first note. Right before I left to fly back to Pittsburgh my friend and I stopped at Absolute Ink in Burien, Washington where I got the song title tattooed in red ink in their handwriting on my left shoulder.”

They also participated in the bracelet trade, saying, “I think I either traded or gave away bracelets at most shows but I think my favorite memory has to be at the final show in New York. At one point before the show we noticed people at the front of the pit throwing bracelets randomly in the crowd so I immediately grabbed the rest of my stash and started passing them out amongst my friends so we could participate too. I also managed to get an “I <3 Josh” bracelet to Josh Halling before Andrew Cushin went on at Red Rocks which I think is really cool!”

Nico’s concert experience evolved from being at the barricade for the first show to the back of the pit for the last. “I’ll always love barricade, being in the back with all of my best friends and going completely device free for the first time ever for the final show in New York is probably one of the most special things I’ve ever done. It felt like the perfect way to wrap up this tour.”

As an active member of the fandom Nico was able to make a lot of connections during tour, even more during FITF than LTWT. “I think meeting friends was actually the biggest difference for me between this tour and the last tour. At the time I didn’t really know many people in the fandom so I either attended alone or with my cousin whereas this time around I had made so many friends from so many places that I was never by myself.”

Nico, like all of us, has seen a lot of growth in Louis during his solo career. “I feel so unbelievably proud to call myself a fan of Louis Tomlinson. He’s gone above and beyond time and time again to make music accessible for his fans and as someone who grew up not being able to afford to go to concerts it means everything to me that he prices his tickets in a way that allows anyone the chance to get to see him. I always knew that his second album was going to be incredible, but it’s truly killed my mind to see how confident he’s become over the past year and how he’s really begun to find his true voice and sound as an artist. This is no shade at all to Walls because that album will always be special, but Faith In The Future is just so him and its been an honor to follow along on this journey.”

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