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28 Ways We Became Larries

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Recently No Stunts Mag asked our readers how they became larries. We asked when, how, and what moment was the turning point to becoming a Larrie. And from the responses, we put together this list of:

The 28 Ways We Became Larries.

  1. How so many lyrics of their solo music match up uncomfortably well.
  2. Their silence. If they really hated the “rumor”… wouldn’t they say more about it than just twice?
  3. Harry’s Hopelessly Devoted to You/Lou performance at Harryween 2023.
  4. The fetus interview where Louis’ hand goes…somewhere.                                               
  5. “Harry’s house with no door and then Louis’ door with no house.”
  6. “I went into it with the assumption they were together/had feelings for each other bc of below, and then when I looked into it and saw all the coincidences and looks they shared, and here I am. So I guess it’s a mix of the photo below as well as all the coincidences through the years. And body language. Both that showed how comfortable they were with each other (that phone near crotch on the red carpet moment) and how used to each other’s bodies they were (the aborted cuddle when Louis’ body had already shifted to make place for Harry). But yeah, the main one is the photo below!”                 
  1. The Peace Ring & Blue Bandana
  2. “The way their management handled and still handles Larry.” 
  3. Their performance of “Grenade” on the X Factor tour. 

“The way they smiled and Lou lifted his hand to his heart.”

  1. The Sweet Creature interview, because Harry couldn’t hide his love for Louis when talking about the song.
  2. “It was the amount of stuff that did me in. One time is a coincidence, twentieth is a pattern. So the little touches and the looks they only gave each other while in the band. Recently what has kept me thinking they are still together is how often they disappear at the same time and “location” pictures are seeded. Again, it’s a pattern now because it’s too frequent to be a coincidence.”
  3. The Paris interview and the fact it was never aired and they never did an interview alone together again.
  4. The interview in 2012 where when asked about whether they wanted to be married and have kids, Harry and Louis automatically look at each other.
  1. Harry possessively grabbing and patting Louis’ knee after the interviewer touched Louis’ knee.
  2. Every single (not so) secret touch and stolen moment. They could be holding hands or “whispering” to each other, but they couldn’t stay away. 
  3. Seeing My Policeman (this genuinely made me so happy) 

My Policeman release on Prime video. I saw TikToks about the movie and how it resembled his real life, watched the movie and never looked back. I became a gaylor a few months before that, so that definitely helped to make me more open to it and recognize the queercoding and closeting.”

  1. The entirety of the 2018 Madison Square Garden show. From Harry and Kasey Musgrave’s duet of You’re Still the One to the If I Could Fly Performance and VIP boxes.   
  2. The beautiful lyrics they’ve always written (namely Strong, Happily, and Something Great) and all the lyric changes they’d make when onstage (I’m in love with Lou).
  3. H: My first real crush…My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.

Int: who?

H: Louis Tomlinson.

Int: Louis Tomlinson? And how does he feel about you?

H: It’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.

Int: Yeah? That’s beautiful Harry

H: *smiles*

  1. RBB and SBB. That alone is just…too much.
  2. They way they were holding each other while giving a stadium tour.

“That’s not how bros hold each other.”                 

  1. The way they look at each other. Whether it be fonding or a creepy love stare, we all can see there’s something there.

“The world around them could be burning and they will still only look at each other with nothing but love and fondness” 

“When I studied Harry’s look towards Louis, and I realised it was the same way I was looking at my best friend. But it was definitely not platonic.” 

“Harry off camera starts talking and Louis looks over then fonds then looks directly into the camera with an oh shit look. [on 1D Day]”             

  1. Fan: Are you and Louis dating?

H: Yep

Fan: I figured

H: *massive smile*

  1. Watching CosmicLeeds timelines, Freddie is my Queen videos or the Larry Marathon
  2. All their matching tattoos…and that he got the dagger.
  3. Harry singing You’re Still the One and I Will Survive in our grand year 2022.
  4. The X Factor Video Diaries and just how baby boyfriends-y they were throughout those. The one where Louis wears a blindfold in particular. 
  5. And of course, one we cannot forget: the arm touch. The infamous one. That seemingly made everyone larries. You know the one.     

“That was boyfriend behavior. I’ve had a closeted relationship so it was easy to recognize”

As for when people became Larries, there was at least one response naming every year from 2010-2023, with the most responses from during lockdown (which is to be expected). The how was very interesting (to me). The majority of the responses named social media (mostly TikTok and YouTube), others mentioned starting with their music and getting more interested, and several others mentioned friends and family (my favorites were the parents saying their kids had introduced them to Larry <3), with the occasional news or fanfic ones.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who responded! This was really fun to put together and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. Even if your specific story wasn’t included it was really helpful to have.

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