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Interview With Jessica8384n

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@BabyBunnyTeef Interview with @Jessica8384n

Q. How many copies of the album did you end up ordering?
A. We ended up buying 522 FITF albums.


  1. Did you fund this all yourself or were there donations?
  2. My idea was just to buy 5 and maybe inspire others to do the same! Instead I inspired my friends to send me $ so I could keep buying more! I spent about $50 of my own the rest were donors from all over the world

  3. Have you organized something like this before?
  4. I have never organized anything like this before but I know this fandom is generous so my hope was to inspire others to do the same and buy some copies for others.


  1. Were you surprised that it all worked and Louis was #1?
  2. I was not surprised. I knew after I realized I purchased 522 copies and others were doing similar efforts all over the internet we were going to make Louis number 1. When I set my mind to something you better believe I will do anything in my power to achieve it!


  1. Based on some of his comments, it seems clear Louis knew we made a push to get him album sales. How many of Louis’ burners do you think reached out to get a copy of the album? This is mostly a joke… but I’m curious how you think Louis feels about this.
  2. I bought albums for anyone that was willing to share their Louis Tomlinson store login information with me so I don’t doubt BMG sent someone to ask me to make sure I was really doing what I said. I did notice about a dozen accounts seemed brand new with no followers so who knows, maybe Louis DM me their burner store account login information, I replied “please wait I’ll buy for you” and eventually when I made my way down the list they got a free album download.

I’m not surprised this small act of kindness avalanched into a huge undertaking because Louis Tomlinson brings the best out in people and we just want to show him he deserves success. Now that he got number 1 in the UK I’m confident people there will give him the fair chance he deserves.

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