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Written All Over Your Face

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Article by: Stacy McWilliams

Well folks it’s almost that time of year when we come together for the very first anniversary of the masterpiece that is Faith In The Future. We, as fans, all celebrated the incredible sophomore album by Louis Tomlinson with listening parties, fan projects and helped to score a number one album for Louis while he was recovering from his broken arm. 


Of all the amazing songs on the album, and there are many, Written All Over Your Face (WAOYF) remains to me to be one of my favourites and is also a fave of my toddler. We sing it in the car, while dancing around the house and it’s one he requests often. Lyrically it’s incredibly well written, but obviously it means something deeper that just an excellent bop. 


So what does WAOYF mean? Well Louis explained it when he said that your other half is in a mood with you but won’t explain what you’ve done wrong. You know you’re in the doghouse, but you’re not quite sure why. This to me speaks to a long-term relationship. It’s how after a long time with your partner you know their actions and reactions and can tell just by how they’re acting whether they are happy with you or not. 


Louis, over the years has shown us many things by his facial expressions, from anger, lust, frustration, sadness, joy, love and happiness. When One direction started Louis was like a little ball of sunshine (though don’t tell him I called him little, he’s like 6 inches taller than me.) 

He was bright, vivacious and the life of One Direction. Over time this light seemed to shrink and he dimmed himself down, perhaps due to management pressures, growing up or some combination of all of those things. 


One thing is for sure though and that’s how he looked at Harry. Whether it was fond, longing stares, lust filled gazes or pure love, Louis and Harry both through their expressions told a story all of its own. The story they told the world through their facial expressions was different to the words coming out of their mouths and different to the stories they expressed when with others.

With Harry it was obvious to spot when he was looking at Louis, even if you couldn’t see Louis in the frame, you could tell by the softened expression, the smile, the nose scrunch and the relaxed smile that Louis was somewhere in the vicinity. It was written all over his face, always.

You can also spot when Harry was upset or angry because his face shows these emotions very clearly. Another emotion we have also seen a number of times from Harry’s expression is boredom, but that’s something recent and not really something we saw all too often when he was a member of One Direction.

With Louis you can tell from his expressions whether he’s on the wind up, whether he’s angry/furious or whether he’s happy. He also has a habit currently of staring at the ceiling in venues with heart eyes which is something else. Both Louis and Harry wear their hearts on their sleeves which makes reading their expressions easier than it would be, however we saw the happiness, the giddiness of early love and the smiles diminish as their interactions became limited.

Over the last few years it’s been obvious to fans there’s something going on in the background and whether the ‘hurricane behind the door’ is Harry stomping around in a bad mood or something darker is yet to be seen, but to me it’s obvious to whom this song refers to and the reason for it is the expressiveness on one Harry Styles. 

‘Hey Babe’

“A hurricane behind the do-oh-or”

Hope you enjoyed my little larry play on Written All Over Your Face.

Happy FITF Month 

Lots of love


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