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It Was Worth All This Time – A Coming Out Story

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Article by: @tbslindsey_

Throughout my entire life, I was convinced I was straight. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t have the representation or education to even know anything other than a heterosexual relationship was possible. I spent my late teens and early 20s dating men that hurt me physically and emotionally, and I lost my way. I started educating myself when I moved away from home for college, and I came out to my closest liberal-minded friends. Joining stan Twitter during the pandemic truly saved my life. While I was still struggling, I remember how amazing it felt to write “bisexual” in my bio for the first time. This fandom has always been a safe place for me and I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve met. In fact, the first time I waved a mini-pride flag was at my Louis show, and the first time I waved a big one was at my Harry show.

I met the love of my life on Twitter last spring, and we’ve been together since June. With their love and support, I was able to come out to my mom this past summer and then my dad a few months later. Both my parents were accepting, even though they had said homophobic things in the past, they promised to love me no matter what. I know I’m very lucky and privileged to have an incredible support system. In fact, it prompted my mom to share with me some family secrets that she’d been carrying with her for years. 

When my partner came to visit me over New Year’s, I posted about our relationship on all my personal social media accounts, and we visited my family and friends together. It feels good to be free and open with who I love.

 I’m 24 years old and I’m just now accepting myself for who I am. If you are thinking about coming out, do it on your own timeline and when you feel safe to do so. No one can take your identity away from you, and I’m so proud of you for being alive.

If you need anything, please reach out to me at @tbslindsey_ .

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